Does your company specialise in property renovations and regularly need material sheets?

Now that it’s summer, there is a lot of construction work taking place across the UK.  Materials suppliers tend to suffer shortages at this time of year, with many products in high demand. This means you’ll have shipping that takes 2-3 weeks. If you want to get your project underway this summer, it’s important to order them soon.

Doors and Worktops are perfect if you’re looking to make large orders of material sheets.

Based in Bishops Stortford, we have a range of materials suitable for everything from attics and home finishing, to extensions. Whether you’re looking to turn your garage into a guy or home office, we have the quality materials to get you started.

Our range includes many building materials that are hard to come by, making us ideal for builders and companies doing renovations. With our speedy shipping, we can fulfil your needs in the quickest time.

Find the material sheets you need at competitive prices.

Our products include OSB 3 Sterling Boards in a variety of thicknesses which are used for many different applications. As with all our material sheets, the price will depend on the quantity needed.

We also have Simpson Strong Tie which are ideal for use in light-frame construction to resist uplift due to shear wall overturning or wind uplift forces.

Other products include double-sided laminated MDF boards available in bulk, measuring 18 or 19mm. Suitable for use in the production of high-quality furniture and interior designs, this is the base product for the production of fronts, including those which are varnished. Renowned for its high density and stability, it’s perfect for processing.

We also have Birch Plywood Sheets measuring 2500 x 1250mm which are ideal for millwork, furniture production, structural/industrial applications, pattern making, plywood underlayment, form work, home improvement, and minor construction projects.

If you’re interested in any of these products, please contact our team for more information.