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Compact Laminate Island SAN SEBASTIAN 4100mm x 1200mm x 13mm Ultrafit
  • Compact Laminate Island SAN SEBASTIAN 4100mm x 1200mm x 13mm Ultrafit
  • Compact Laminate Worktop SAN SEBASTIAN 4100mm x 600mm x 13mm Ultrafit
  • Compact Laminate Worktop S63065 SAN SEBASTIAN 4100mm x 600mm x 13mm Ultrafit
  • Compact Laminate Worktop S63065 SAN SEBASTIAN 4100mm x 600mm x 13mm Ultrafit
  • San Sebastian Laminate Worktops
  • San Sebastian Laminate Worktops

San Sebastian Laminate Worktops

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San Sebastian Laminate Worktops

4100mm x 1200mm x 13mm

A thin worktop featuring a core made of P5 wood-based board. The top surface is adorned with decorative HPL laminate on both sides, while the long edges are finished with 0.8mm thick ABS edging using PUR glue for a seamless and durable finish. Whether used as table tops, desks, wall coverings, furniture fronts, or kitchen islands, UltraFit worktops add a touch of modern elegance to any space.

San Sebastian: Spectacular, sophisticated, black marble with golden-copper veining. It adds class and elegance to interiors. The decor pattern features noble rust-colored lines and white-grey cracks, creating a distinctive look. It pairs perfectly with copper, gold, and warm wood tones. It fits well in both elegant and urban, industrial settings.

Ultrafit thickness: 13mm square edge

When ordering our Ultrafit Worktops, it comes with fully finished edges. If you require additional cutting, you can purchase this service, which is included in the cut and finished edge option. When making a purchase, please specify the desired size in millimeters in the notes during checkout.

The Ultrafit Island can be used as splashback panels. Ultrafit allows you to have a worktop and splashback matching the same decor perfectly. This size is also ideal for wall panels in any space in your home. Its high resistance to moisture enables its use in any room, making it incredibly versatile. Available in two sizes, and you can also use our cutting-to-size service, including edge banding at a fixed price.

ULTRAFIT worktops with square edges and ABS edging represent the pinnacle of modern countertop technology, offering a seamless blend of style, functionality, and durability. Let's delve deeper into the features and benefits of these advanced worktops.

  • Multifunctional

Due to their construction, ULTRAFIT worktops can also be used as tabletops, bathroom countertops, desks, worktop partitions, wall cladding, furniture fronts, table legs, kitchen islands, modern kitchen and bathroom designs, as well as in commercial environments such as offices and retail spaces.

  • Moisture Resistant

Both the core, top, and bottom of the worktops are made from moisture-resistant materials. Additionally, the edges are tightly sealed with ABS edging using PUR glue, allowing ULTRAFIT worktops to be successfully used in bathrooms, SPA rooms, pool changing rooms, and other high-moisture environments.

  • Durable

The surface of ULTRAFIT worktops is resistant to high temperatures, impacts, scratches, and hot steam. Unlike countertops made from natural materials such as stone or wood, their surface does not require impregnation. The worktop is ready for use immediately after installation.

Advantages: Designed to be highly durable and resilient despite its thin profile.

  • Hygienic

The surface of ULTRAFIT worktops does not require special maintenance procedures. Most standard cleaning agents available on the market are suitable for cleaning it.

  • Antibacterial

ULTRAFIT countertops are certified by the international GFPS certification institution, confirming their high antibacterial properties. Bacteria do not multiply on their surface, and their number decreases by 99.9% within 24 hours.

  • Easy to Work With

Compared to stones, agglomerates, or conglomerates, ULTRAFIT Worktops are much lighter and exceptionally easy to work with. Since their core is made of chipboard, standard woodworking tools are sufficient for processing.


ULTRAFIT worktops are just 13 mm thick, making them perfect for the trend of lightweight, sleek furniture and minimalist interior designs.

Advantages: Designed to be highly durable and resilient despite its thin profile.


The core of ULTRAFIT Worktops is a sturdy P5 structural board, 60% more resistant to bending than a standard chipboard of the same thickness. This means that despite their minimal thickness, ULTRAFIT countertops can withstand heavy loads and can be used not only as kitchen countertops but also as desk, table, or reception counter tops.


The edges of ULTRAFIT Worktops are finished with ABS edging in the same colour as the Worktops surface, creating a cohesive look that perfectly imitates the character of natural materials such as stone or wood. The worktops are laminated on both sides, further enhancing their authentic appearance. This versatility allows for creative design options, as they can be used as tabletops, desk surfaces, kitchen worktops enclosures, worktops partitions, or cabinet fronts.

Laminate Worktops

Transform your kitchen into a hub of social activity with our stylish Laminate Worktops featuring integrated seating. Perfect for casual dining and entertaining, our islands blend practicality with contemporary design, offering ample space and comfort for family and guests. Explore our selection to find the perfect centerpiece for your culinary space.

Product details

ABS 0,8mm Square Edge
4100 mm
1200 mm
13 mm

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