Garage doors ironmongery set kit steel band hinges 600 mm long
  • Garage doors ironmongery set kit steel band hinges 600 mm long
  • Garage doors ironmongery set kit steel band hinges 600 mm long
  • Garage doors ironmongery set kit steel band hinges 600 mm long
  • Garage doors ironmongery set kit steel band hinges 600 mm long

Garage doors ironmongery set kit steel band hinges 600 mm long

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Garage doors ironmongery set kit:

Introducing the ultimate solution for your garage doors – the Ironmongery Garage Doors Steel Set Kit! Engineered with top-notch materials and precision craftsmanship, this kit is designed to enhance the functionality and aesthetics of your garage doors.

Key Features:

4 x Steel black band hinges, each measuring 600 mm long, for robust and reliable door movement.

4 x Steel hooks specifically designed for band hinges, ensuring secure attachment and smooth operation.

2 x Sturdy steel handles for easy door manipulation and enhanced grip.

2 x Door stop metal legs to prevent excessive door opening and protect your property.

4 x Keyhole covers for a sleek and professional look while safeguarding your locking mechanism.

1 x Universal door lock for added security and peace of mind.

2 x Spring bolts for quick and convenient door locking/unlocking.

A complete set of 24 nuts, bolts, and washers (80 mm) and 12 nuts, bolts, and washers (150 mm) for easy installation and durability.

Whether you're a DIY enthusiast or a professional contractor, this ironmongery kit is your go-to solution for garage door enhancement. Find all these high-quality components and more at your local hardware store. If you're searching for "ironmongery near me," look no further – our store has everything you need to elevate your garage door's performance.

Don't settle for ordinary garage door hinges. Upgrade to heavy-duty, reliable ironmongery from our store today! Explore our collection of door hinges, handles, locks, and more, including sleek black door handles that add a touch of elegance to your garage's appearance. Visit us and experience the difference in quality and functionality with our ironmongery solutions.

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