Wooden Garage-carport combination 12 x 6 m storage double doors canopy
  • Wooden Garage-carport combination 12 x 6 m storage double doors canopy
  • Wooden Garage-carport combination 12 x 6 m storage double doors canopy
  • Wooden Garage-carport combination 12 x 6 m storage double doors canopy
  • Wooden Garage-carport combination 12 x 6 m storage double doors canopy
  • Wooden Garage-carport combination 12 x 6 m storage double doors canopy
  • Wooden Garage-carport combination 12 x 6 m storage double doors canopy
  • Wooden Garage-carport combination 12 x 6 m storage double doors canopy

Timber Garage-Carport 12 x 6 m storage double doors canopy

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Timber Garage-Carport combination storage double doors canopy

This timber garage-carport combination offers a versatile and functional solution for your storage and vehicle needs. With a total dimension of 12 x 6 meters and an additional 1-meter roof overhang, this structure provides ample space and shelter. The delivery comes in a raw condition, allowing you the flexibility to customize and finish it to your preferences.

Garage Component:

Outer wall thickness of 16 cm for durability and stability.

Width: 3 meters, Length: 6 meters.

Up-and-over doors for easy access.

Headroom of approximately 180 cm.

Option for a window (without panes) included in the price, customizable based on your needs.

Carport Component:

Three supports measuring 12 x 12 cm each for robustness.

Width: 3 meters, Length: 6 meters.

Headroom of approximately 195 cm, providing ample space for vehicles.

Very stable gable roof design.

Technical Specifications:

Construction: Timber frame for strength and durability.

Wall construction: Wooden frame with 4 x 12 cm wooden stands.

Clothing boards: 2 x 2 cm for a finished look.

Roof covered with tile sheet metal, with a color of your choice.

Total height: Approximately 370 cm.


Two swing gates with a height of 200 cm and a passage height of approximately 180 cm.

Gate width: 240 cm for convenient entry and exit.

Window Cut-outs:

Customizable openings for windows (panes not included) to suit your preferences.


Made from untreated, rough-sawn pine for a natural air dry wood.

Provides the option for individual insulation based on your climate needs.

Timber garages offer a versatile and aesthetically pleasing solution for storage and vehicle needs. Here's a breakdown of the information provided and additional insights into timber garage construction:

Timber Garage Construction Techniques:

Timber frame construction is commonly used for timber garages due to its strength, durability, and aesthetic appeal. Techniques include mortise and tenon joints, dovetail joints, and pegged joints for structural integrity.

Structural Integrity of Timber Garages:

Timber garages are known for their robustness and stability, especially when using high-quality timber and proper construction techniques. The outer wall thickness of 16 cm in your described structure further enhances its durability.

Benefits of Timber as a Construction Material:

Timber offers natural insulation, versatility in design, and a renewable resource. It is also relatively lightweight compared to other materials, making it easier to work with during assembly.

Timber Garage Assembly Process:

The assembly typically involves erecting the timber frame, installing the walls and roofing, adding doors and windows, and finishing touches. Pre-cut components and detailed instructions can simplify the process.

Timber Garage Foundation Options:

Common foundation types for timber garages include concrete slabs, concrete piers, and treated timber posts. The choice depends on soil conditions, local building codes, and the size of the structure.

Customizable Features of Timber Garages:

Timber garages offer various customization options such as window placements, door styles, roofing materials, and interior layouts. This allows homeowners to tailor the garage to their specific needs and preferences.

Timber Garage Design Aesthetics:

Timber garages can be designed in various architectural styles, including traditional, modern, rustic, and eco-friendly designs. Incorporating natural elements like stone accents or green roofs enhances their curb appeal.

Maximizing Space Efficiency:

Utilizing efficient storage solutions, such as built-in shelving, overhead racks, and wall-mounted organizers, can maximize space within the timber garage. Clear floor space for vehicle manoeuvrability is also essential.

Timber Garage Maintenance:

Regular maintenance includes cleaning debris from the roof and gutters, inspecting for signs of wood rot or pest infestation, and applying protective coatings or sealants as needed. Proper ventilation helps prevent moisture build-up.

Environmental Impact and Sustainability:

Timber garages are environmentally friendly due to timber's renewable nature and carbon sequestration properties. Using sustainably sourced timber and eco-friendly construction practices further reduces their environmental footprint.

Regulations and Permits:

Before construction, it's crucial to obtain necessary permits and ensure compliance with local building codes, zoning regulations, and inspection requirements. Professional assistance may be needed to navigate these aspects.

Cost and Budgeting:

Estimating costs involves considering factors such as materials, labour, site preparation, customization options, and any additional features like security systems or climate control. Budgeting early and obtaining multiple quotes can help manage expenses effectively.

By understanding these aspects of timber garage construction, homeowners can make informed decisions and create functional, durable, and visually appealing garage-carport combinations.

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